Keystart income limits have changed – for a limited time only! Plus, Byford is classed as a Regional Area which means the income limits are even higher!

Keystart is a Western Australian Government Initiative that provides home loans to those that may not meet the deposit requirements of mainstream lenders. To date, over 1,000 people have achieved home ownership through Keystart.

It has been announced that Keystart are making it easier for home buyers to enter the property market by increasing their income limits! This means that those that may not have fit their eligibility criteria before, could now!

Below we have outlined these exciting changes for Regional Areas:

  • The income limit for singles is now $125,000 – previously $110,000
  • The income limit for couples is now $150,000 – previously $135,000
  • The income limit for families is now $155,000 – previously $135,000

These increased income limits apply only to those who enter into a contract of sale from July 1st 2019.

In addition to their income limits, Keystart products offer a variety of benefits to home buyers which include:

  • Deposits from as low as 2%.
  • No lenders Mortgage Insurance.
  • No monthly account keeping fee.

Don’t wait any longer to achieve your dreams of home ownership! Contact us today to find out more.