Sick of putting up and packing away your Christmas tree every year? Love the idea of the seasonal fragrance of pine wafting through your home for the holiday season? Then a real Christmas tree might be the perfect option for you this silly season. Not only are they a great environmentally friendly option, picking the right one can also be a fun day out with the family. 

If you’re not sure where to go, get ready for our list below of all the best Christmas tree farms near your Beenyup home.

Wattleup Christmas Trees

Less than 25-minutes away from home you’ll find this family owned and operated farm growing trees in their own backyard. Offering a variety of trees in all different shapes, sizes and ranges, you’ll be sure to find the ideal tree. They also let you trim it yourself for the perfect shape. Pay them a visit in person or visit their website:

Benara Nurseries 

Originally established in 1963, this family-owned business has been providing the fresh aroma of pine into Perth homes for years. Their ‘Christmas Star’ pine is a real winner with its dark green, aromatic leaves and it can be kept in a pot for several years if it’s well looked after. Benara’s trees are planted in a pot to maintain their compact size, so you’re sure to find the right one to decorate your home this Christmas. To find out more visit:

Caring for Your Tree

Unlike plastic trees, a fresh pine needs a little more TLC. To make sure your tree lasts all season long follow these simple tips:

  1. Christmas is notoriously hot in Australia, so keeping your tree watered to ensure it stays alive until Santa arrives!
  2. We recommend cutting around 2cm off the base of your tree before you place it in its pot, as this will help it absorb water better.
  3. Keep your tree away from too much heat, as it will dry out too quickly. Place your tree in an area of the house near a window that receives filtered morning light but is protected from afternoon heat. 

Now comes the super fun part, it’s time to decorate! If you want to celebrate Christmas in Beenyup and can see yourself living in our vibrant community, we’d love to welcome you. 

Get in touch with one of our friendly sales team who will be happy to answer any questions.

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