With temperatures continuously on the rise, it’s sure to be another sweltering Perth Summer.

We all get excited about heading to the local beaches or enjoying a day by the pool, but what does the hot Summer sun mean for our gardens and waterways?

Here’s our tips to stay water-wise this summer.

Only Water When your Lawn Needs It.

 Make sure you aren’t over watering your lawn this summer. A great way to test whether your lawn needs some hydration is by stepping on it. If it springs back quickly – it doesn’t need watering. When you do give it some love, make sure you give it a good soaking every now and then instead of frequent, light watering.

Check Taps, Fittings and Hoses for Leaks

Did you know that a leaky tap can waste more than 2,000 litres a month? That’s why it’s vital to make sure you’re not using more water than you think! Turn off every tap and appliance that uses water, read your water meter, wait four hours, then read it again. If your meter has ticked over then something’s leaking. If that’s the case, replace your nozzles or trigger sprays with new ones that won’t leak, break, or waste water.

Choose the Right Plants

The type of plants you use in your garden have an impact on your home’s overall water consumption. Australian native plants are a great choice because they look great and attract wildlife, plus they require less watering and maintenance. 

Water Wisely

This might be obvious, but it’s so important. Watering your garden at the right time, in the early morning or evening, reduces water loss through evaporation. During the hot Summer months, your plants will need regular, deep watering on your designated watering days. Check them here.

If you have sprinklers, how long you water for depends on the type of sprinkler. With pop-up sprinklers you’ll need approx. 15 minutes and with rotating sprinklers approx 60 minutes.

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