With the proper tools and the right know-how, you can easily learn the basics needed to turn your backyard into a prosperous plant paradise. Spring’s the perfect time to head outside and try your hand at gardening because nothing tastes better than home-grown veggies.

Read on for our tips and tricks to get your garden started, you’ll be flexing your green thumb in no time.

What to Plant?

It’s important to factor in your climate and personal preferences when deciding what kind of plants, you want to grow. Do you want a flower garden, vegetable garden, herb garden, container garden, or a combination? Ask yourself what kind of fruits and vegetables you like to eat⁠⁠, and plant those. Also, take into consideration your available space. If you only have room for a small garden, it’s wise to avoid large plants.

Choose Your Location

Almost all vegetables and many types of flowering plants need several hours of full sun each day, so look for an area that gets enough sun. Make sure you pay attention to your yard throughout the day so you can observe which areas get full sun, partial sun or full shade. It’s also important to plant your new garden near a water source, this means you can easily run a hose to your garden or set up a self-watering sprinkler system.

Clear the Ground & Test Your Soil

Make sure you spend some time clearing the ground you want to plant. We also recommend getting a soil test at your local garden centre so you know exactly what fertiliser to feed your plants with.

Prepare Your Garden Beds

The first step to creating a healthy garden bed is clearing away any existing vegetation. Weeds can be pulled by hand. Just make sure you pull the roots, so they don’t resprout. Then turn your focus to laying the compost over the area – now you’re ready to plant!

Start Planting

When you plant seeds, handle them with care and plant them to the depth advised on the seed packet. When you plant seedlings, carefully turn the pot over while putting your hand on top of the soil with the stem between your fingers. Gently squeeze the pot on all sides, shimmy it off then place the seedling in the soil.  Once your seedlings and plants are firmly in the ground make sure you water them sufficiently; your goal is to make the soil moist but not soggy.

Maintain and Care for your Garden

As your garden begins to grow, help it reach its full potential by keeping up with garden chores. Water plants before they wilt, pull weeds before they go to seed, look out for pests, harvest vegetables as soon as they’re ready. And remember to stop and enjoy your gorgeous garden oasis every now and then.

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